Steven Brewin from Australia is the new World Champion for A-class, Tymoteusz Bendyk from Poland is on second place and the third place belongs to current Champion of Poland – Jakub Surowiec.

There were 125 sailors from 18 countries who took part in the competition and during the five days there were run 8 races.

The competitors who qualified for the first ten best results are: Dave Shaw (New Zeland) on fourth place, Jacek Noetzel (Poland, UKS Navigo) on fifth, Maciej Żarnowski (Poland, UKS Navigo) on seventh, Bruce Mahoney (USA)- eight place, Mischa Heemskerk (Holland) World Champion A-class 2016 – on ninth place and Manuel Calavia (Spain) – on tenth place.

Steven Brewin just after the first races left all the competitors behind: „Certainly tunning the boat for the light wind helped in my good results. I spent quite a lot of time on that when arrived to Sopot, as at the beginning I wasn’t that fast.” – said Steven Brewin. „This regatta was difficult, if you did one mistake, it could determine your win or lose. On the first day there were my conditions so my result gave me a big confidence boost. But the second day I found quite difficult as I hadn’t done any waves practicing here. So on that day I struggled. But in general I was taking right decisions, sailed conservative enough and I used my nerves into my favour, in my best way to focus and concentrate. This is big part of the success”

Its noteworthy that eight of catamarans that qualified in the top ten are Polish Exploders, designed and produced in Tczew by Jakub Kopyłowicz.

In Junior the fist place took Jakub Surowiec (Poland), second Jan Heuninck (Spain) and Zac Heuchmer (Australia).

In Classic on the first three positions are: Pontus Johnson (Switzerland), Marek Żebrowski (Polad, UKS NAVIGO) and Philippe Muyzers (Belgia).

In Master category Darren Bundock (Australia) is on the first place, next is Jacek Noetzel (Poland, UKS Navigo) on second and Andrew Landenberger (Australia) on third.

W Grand Master category the three best competitors are: Abdon Ibanez (Spain), Tom Bojland (Denmark), Stuart Scott (Australia).

In category Great Grand Master – on the three best results belong to: Roeland Wentholt (Holland)- first place, Bob Bayer (Germany) on second and Gustavo Doreste Blanco (Spain) on third.

In women category the best result belongs to Katrin Brunner (Germany), second to Anna Świtajska (Poland, UKS NAVIGO ), third to Ewa Górska (Poland, UKS NAVIGO).

In silver fleet the three best competitors are Tymoteusz Cierzan (Poland, UKS NAVIGO) on first place, Antoine Riet (France) on second and Martin Bach (Niemcy) non third place.

Full results: tutaj

World Championship in A-class is a great success of Polish sailing, Sopot and our club which turned out to be one of the best in Europe and worldwide. Thanks to favourable infrastructure and support of the local authorities our effords turned into fantastic success of Polish sailors in this championship” – said Jacek Noetzel, the president of UKS Navigo and competitor.

The championship is under the patronage of the Marshal of Pomerania Mieczysław Struk, the Mayor of Sopot Jacek Karnowski, the Maritime Office, the Polish Sailing Association and Pomeranian Sailing Association.

Media Patronage: Gdańsk Radio, Tró, Żagle, Ślizgu and Ż

Steven Brewin is the new A-class World Champion 2017, Tymoteusz Bendyk on the second place